Final Webinar

Webinar: Value from CO₂: The Power of Biotechnology

Carbon is the main component of hundreds of materials used in industrial processes and in our daily lives. To meet the increasing demand for these products in a sustainable way, various types of renewable carbon can be used, including CO2. Industrial biotechnology has a high potential to tackle harmful CO2 emissions and convert CO2 into value-added products, but there are still some technical and economic barriers to address. The multidisciplinary webinar offers a variety of perspectives on this relevant topic.

To download the slides, please klick on the presentation-titles:

1st Stakeholder event: eCO2nference

The mission of the 1st BioRECO2VER stakeholder event is to inspire scientific activity around the Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies by sharing knowledge on the latest research and development. It also aims at promoting CCU by addressing and discussing technological challenges, advancing Europe’s decarbonization policy and educating the public on this relevant topic.

The event was organised by VITO and ORLEN and took place on October 7th 2021 with the participation of BioRECO2VER experts Heleen de Wever and Christopher vom Berg. Find their presentations for download:

Heleen de Wever "BioRECO2VER: Biological routes for CO2 conversion into chemical building blocks"

Christopher vom Berg "BioRECO2VER: CCU in the context of social acceptance and life cycle assessment"