XVI International Symposium on Marine Natural Products | XI European Conference on Marine Natural Products

Date: 1-5 September, 2019
Venue: MH PENICHE HOTEL in Peniche (Portugal)

Senior experts, rising MNP stars and early scientists will present their results in a combination of plenary lectures, invited talks, contributed oral communications, and poster sessions. The joint XVI MaNaPro & XI ECMNP meeting includes topics such as Isolation and Structure, Elucidation of Marine Natural Products, Biosynthesis of Marine Natural Products, Marine Natural Products Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry, Marine Chemical Ecology and Ecosystem Functioning, Marine Natural Products, Chemical Biology and Biotechnology, Drug Discovery and Development. Young scientists in the Marine Natural Products (MNP) field from all over the world are especially encouraged to participate.

9th International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (9th ICBB 2019)

Date: 25-28 September 2019
Venue: Conference Centre, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)

The conference aims to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of BIOTECHNOLOGY and BIOENGINEERING, with topics ranging from: 1. Microbiology, virology, cytology and immunology; 2. Biological macromolecules, proteins and nucleic acids; 3. Biomaterials, biopolymers and bioenergy; 4. Biomedicine, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacology and toxicology; 5. Agricultural & food science and industrial biotechnology; 6. Applications in bioengineering, biomedical engineering & technology and other related fields.

International society for microbial electrochemistry and technology

Date: 7-11 October 2019, Okinawa, Japanese Prafecture
Venue: The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

more information coming soon!

3th edition Adding Value to CO2
Date:2-3 October 2019
Venue: REPSOL TECHNOLOGY LAB, Madrid (Spain)

This conference is aimed at all the agents of the science-technology-company system and aims to offer a global view of the different aspects involved in CO2 valorization technologies, from their foundations to their applications in the market, according to five areas of action:
-Political and Strategic Motivation
-CO2 to materials
-CO2 to fine chemicals and polymers
-CO2 to energy vectors
-Direct Uses